wild, barefoot and free

I fly from Brisbane to Bangkok overnight and wake up to a completely different world.

When I leave the airport, I take a deep breath to clear my head. I breath it all in, the humid air, the heat and every single new smell. Even though my body arrived, my mind remains in Australia. The last few weeks have been magical but it was time to go and so I did. There is a whole new adventure in front of me now. For the next three weeks it is just me and my backpack. ‚I can do this‚ , I tell myself and wave for a taxi. I press my forehead against the cold backseat window and observe the hectic streets, while the driver takes me to my friend’s home. The air is sticky and the dress I am wearing is instantly glued to my body. 

The next few days I feel lonely, I fill many pages of my diary with heavy thoughts to lighten my heart. I don’t take any photos at all. I think I am homesick until I realise that this is not the place I am meant to be in and decide to leave. I book a bus to go down south and the following day I leave Bangkok behind. While I wait I meet a boy from Berlin and we become friends immediately. 

As the sun rises, we get to Koh Tao and I am not breathing in city air anymore. I am breathing in the sea. From now on my daily intakes include several kilos of watermelon, coconuts and pineapple to feed my body and soul. I walk everywhere barefoot, being free and careless.

During my time on the islands, I see the most magnificent sunsets, jump off cliffs and see glowing plankton. I take millions of photos to remember all of if. I always carry my camera with me. With one eye behind my lens and the other one squinted I think ‚earth is beautiful‘ .

My last stop is Patong Beach in Phuket. After my friends leave for India, it’s just me again.
I get sick five days before I leave to go home again. I spend my last days in Thailand in my hostel bed, sleeping and sweating from my fever. And then I need to board my flight already. Almost collapsing underneath my backpack, I get a taxi to the airport and take my sickness home with me.
Finally. I’m home. I never thought I would be so happy to be back home again but I am.
For now.

_kohtao 8_phiphi 6
_phiphi 7_phiphi 9_phiphi 11_phiphi 2_phiphi 3IMG_6661_phiphi_phiphi 8_phiphi 5_phiphi 12


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